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10 gifts for those who love Yoga

10 gifts for those who love Yoga

21st June is not only the longest day of the year but also recently declared as the International Yoga Day. Thanks to NaMo who proposed this idea. Team BlabberCat decided to compile a list of gift ideas for our Yogi friends and family members. Let’s appreciate their dedication and practice these sweet gestures.

Books on Yoga – They might already have a lot of books on Yoga so do find out from them what books they haven’t read and go out of your way to get hold of them. We highly recommend all books B.K.S Iyengar.

Yoga pants – Yoga clothes should be comfortable and not come in your way. Yoga practitioners may either feel comfortable in loose and free-flowing boho type pyjamas or track pants. Choose earthy patterns, Indian element prints or vibrant colours. The best place in India to pick up such pants is Goa. ishashoppe.com has all things yoga available for online shopping.

Essential oils – Miniature spa sets with tiny candles and essential oils are the best gift to give anyone, especially those who are into meditation, yoga or love staying indoors after a hectic day of work. Lavender, lemon grass, tea three and jasmine are some common essential oil favourites; do smell before you buy and make sure its relaxing and not too concentrated also. Else the aromas mentioned can be bought from Amazon, Flipkart etc.

Yoga music playlist – Here is our favourite Yoga tracks to listen to: Bhakti Without Borders Madi Das. Songs for the Sangha Deva Premal & Miten with Manose. From The Ancient Storm Simrit. The Great Mystery Desert Dwellers. Bridge to Vallabha Tina Malia. Sufi Kirtan HuDost. Dreaming In Sanskrit Marti Nikko and DJ Drez. Dayaal Sirgun Kaur. My Heart Bows Down To You Brenda McMorrow. Call Within Manose. Recently, Silki Agarwal has been rising to fame for her soulful singing with Pranic healing power. She is not only a GIMA award winner but her album was selected the Hong Kong government to be played on the International Yoga Day.

Customised Yoga quotes – On t-shirts, coffee mugs or even engraved on jewellery. Come up with fun Yoga related quotes or any old sayings in Sanskrit that speak of nature and energy, and personalise your gifts. With quick online translation, you can translate your message in Sanskrit and print it too. If your gift has obsolete space then just Om or Shiva will look nice too.

Yoga Room decor – This list is endless. From customised posters to Buddha sculptures. Miniature human figures in asanas and wall pieces or Feng Shui that give good energy and look pretty. Even pieces of semi-precious stones that all signify something  are great gifts. Vintage shops, jewellers, home interior boutiques will require some browsing.

Organic ingredients – Spices that have multiple health benefits such as turmeric, and seeds such as Chia not only look fancy but are extremely useful and healthy. They will have options to make whatever they want out of it. You can also cook up an organic meal for your friend.

Tie-em-up – No-one wants locks of hair brushing their face while focusing on their yoga asanas. Hair accessories for both men and women are fun gift items. Bandanas, funky hair-ties and hair bands are available in neon colours and related patterns.

Journals – Encourage them to write if they don’t already. Wording down their faith and beliefs is always a good idea. Gift them journals with intriguing covers for them document their everyday learnings and experiences. This will help them teach others one day.

A yoga retreat – If you can afford it then leave everything and book a week away to any yoga retreat – exotic locations, total yoga immersion, and being surrounded like-minded yoga-lovers. It’s really a one-of-a-kind experience. These yoga retreats are there in Hrishikesh, Goa, Bali where travellers and tourists have been going since years.



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