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50 Years Of The Padma Bhushan Dancing Couple

50 Years Of The Padma Bhushan Dancing Couple

Padma Bhushan Dr. Raja Radha Reddy celebrate Maha Shivaratri concert and Raja Radha Reddy’s 50 years of service to the field of classical dance. The festive spirit has already started spreading two weeks before the celebration at Natya Tarangini building premises in Saket on February 24th 2017 at 8:30 pm. 

About Dr.  Raja Radha Reddy

Padma Bhushana Dr. Raja Radha Reddy are a legendary Kuchipudi dancing couple, gurus, and choreographers. Their performances for over five decades globally have gained them a reputation for rare excellence and perfection of technique.Raja and Radha Reddy are solely responsible for bringing Kuchipudi Indian Classical Dance to the cultural map of the world.

NatyaTarangini performing arts founded Drs. Raja Radha Reddy forty years ago, has been organizing annually “Parampara Series – The National festival of Music and Dance” to promote the Indian dance and music for last 20 years. This year to celebrate Raja Radha Reddy’s 50 years of service to the field of classical dance, Natya Tarangini is organizing as an ode to Nataraja – The Lord of dance,  on the occasion of Mahashivratri a  series of concerts to worship and praise Lord Shiva- The creator of dance.

Did you know

Raja Reddy was inspired the Bhagvatam performers in his village and thus resolved to be a dancer at an early age.

Raja Reddy has two wives and both are sisters. It’s a common practise in their village.

The couple has popularised Kuchipudi dance form not only in India but across the globe. Having performed in the USA,the UK, Japan, South Africa, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, South – East Asia, Cuba, and Bangladesh, they are now recognised as the cultural ambassadors of the country.

Recipients of the Padma Shree Award in 1984, they were honoured with the Sangeet Natak Akademy Award in 1991 for their contribution to Indian classical dance.