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7 times when the Tipsy Bull was my spirit animal

7 times when the Tipsy Bull was my spirit animal

“Have you bought a franchise?” the most common question asked guests on the launch day. Nitish Saraf, F&B expert and owner at ‘The Tipsy Bull’ ideated and founded this gastropub after travelling extensively for months and compiling all the elements that was once only a vision. It’s hard to believe such an innovative hangout in Kolkata has been established from scratch. Right from curating the pub menu to customising every piece of furniture and adding quirk to cocktail names, wherever we laid our eyes, we were easily distracted for a while and left with such a happy buzz that even the next morning the feel good factor kept lingering. Oh and let not the cash crunch effect you because no veg dish is more expensive than Rs 300 and no non-veg dish crosses 400.

BlabberCat spent an evening unleashing the tipsy bull within her.

7 times when the Tipsy Bull was my spirit animal

1.Tipsy Turvy Bar

The tailored denim seating and bucket lights are two elements that deserve a shoutout. Besides that, it’s welcoming for solo customers with fun games and dressed up bartenders trying out different antics. The names of the cocktails will surely lead to an awkward smile with double meaning phrases such as ‘Gentleman prefer blondes’ or ‘Lick her Right’.

2. Food and Beverage selection Masterchef Priyanka M

Straight from the kitchen of Masterchef India 2015’s finalist, Chef Priyanka M, the corporate Consultant Chef and Culinary Consultant for KnKSpeciality Kitchens. A Passionate foodie and a creative maverick, she has created a totally innovative food menu for TTB. The ones we recommend are the Teriyaki Tacos, The Snob, Kiss Pizza (Keep it simple silly) and Aakhri Pasta.

3. Drinking games

Darts and spin the wheel will be found in different spots. Make sure to get the spinning wheel from the bar and play with your friends. And you’ll be surprised different games every now and then.

4. Djs in the house

Even though Nitish said he wants his guests to come for the food and not just for the music, we couldn’t help but notice how our feet danced under the table throughout. Weekends just became more upbeat in Alipore thanks to Dj Akash Rohira for managing the music and Dj Dheeraj (in the above pic).

5. Service switch board

(In the pic: Boom Boom Chicken Lollies)

The food has arrived but the crockery hasn’t. The drink is perfect but you need another cube of ice. Why wait and get cranky, just switch on the service switch like you do when you’re flying. The three switches you see next to me are for you to switch on when needed.

6. Sheesha in a well

The well system is actually American origin and when there is such a Texas vibe to the place the sheesh, in a miniature well, highlighted the entire experience.

7. Tipsy Bull Mascot

As you enter, the dapper Bull kind of reminds you of this generation a lot. Dressed in work clothes and a 0 ‘fs’ given kind of attitude, with a beer kept in front. And with this we announce our super contest. Click a selfie with the Tipsy Bull Mascot and upload on Instagram or Facebook. Tag BlabberCat official and The Tipsy Bull to get a free shot or beer. But remember, if it’s not innovative, you don’t get it.


Photography: Sagnik Jaiswal


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