Editor's Meow

March 30, 2018 , By Astha Modi

April Editor's note


Cool’s Paradise!


It’s been exactly a year since our website’s makeover went live. The advertisement industry, that largely includes blogging, has grown and showed us flattering results. While on one hand we strengthened our visuals on the other we tried to promote the brands we associate with in different ways than just regular photoshoots. This month we’ll be releasing our narrative video for Stellar Furnishings. Our previous Sasya video got us brilliant feedback and we confidently ventured into this style of video stories.


In the last month we did food reviews for Pa Pa Ya and The Salt House that we immensely loved, we did try out a few more places but not worth writing about. As the financial month was ending I experimented a new way of life; a life without a mobile hone for 7 whole days. It wasn’t even with me so there was no scope of cheating. A lot of you were inspired to try out something similar so waiting for your feedback on that. IPL is starting so you can expect some fun news from there and since we have a remarkable male readership, we will work on some very interesting reads besides fashion. This month we are in a generous mood and would love to personally chit chat, shop, eat and collaborate with our most avid followers so don’t feel shy from asking. 


Lots Of Meow,

Astha Modi