Editor's Meow

August 1, 2017 , By Astha Modi

Fashion with a meaning


Meow humans,


how’s the rain and the traffic for most of you out there? I know it’s getting too much now but I’ve found many ways to make the traffic time productive. I finish my laptop work (always keep a photon), Netflix, spare food, vitamins etc. In fact i have even gone to the extent of making my face pack while waiting in the traffic and washing it right before reaching my destination. I have finished a book of 300 pages within two days just during traffic hours. So this also brings us to my new approach to everything. Make use, stop whining and create a purpose for everything. 


Our beauty barriers campaign last month was such a big hit that we decided to do mens wear this time with a special meaning for the pulse of the society. Along with that, Kolkata is witnessing a series of popups by globally celebrated designers and we are witnessing the rise and shine of The Loft - at Quest Mall. A creative space for exclusive exhibit. 


Stepping out of fashion we are focusing on design (as we did last issue) and exploring the areas of interiors and decor. Watch out for more articles born out of sarcasm and humour and that’s it for now. 


Keep it classy!

Lots Of Meow,

Astha Modi