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April 1, 2017 , By BlabberCat

BlabberCat April Edition 2017


Easter siesta 

I write to you at a time when the city of joy is no longer slowly driving the youth away. It is bustling with startups and well-travelled souls are returning with new ideas. While the bigger metros seem drained out of opportunities, smaller metros are now trending for an entrepreneur’s desired city list. Traffic being another reason a major part of this generation is choosing a life away from bigger cities. Leaving my job as a journalist and starting a blog turned out to be a good idea, considering the phase this city is going through. Food start ups have become the new apparel boutique even though that segment hasn’t really slowed down. Pop ups have become a family outing as men are equally enjoying shopping organic cotton shirts, handmade shoes, vintage office decor and the best part of pop-ups - the various new food stalls. Sustainable fashion is taken seriously now and even though not a huge number but there are people who are following a sustainable lifestyle in their business and personal consumption. The last two years was set in this tone and it has been fun rediscovering your own city but even better was discovering myself during my series of solo trips. Travel blogging was the original beat of this blog and we explored different festivals around the world, focused on Indian tourism and promoted solo female travelling; some on invitation and some on our own. After almost five years of journalism and two years of blogging I’m launching BlabberCat as a media house in an all new look and feel. Our soul purpose is to make this world a better place, and entertain and enlighten you.

Step in the shoes of our black cat who’s always living the most stylish life across the globe and knows everything that’s happening around. This month we’ll be launching new stores, survey-based articles, guest bloggers and a lot more. 

Lots Of Meow,

Astha Modi