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June 1, 2017 , By BlabberCat

BlabberCat June Edition 2017


There are no rules in design but there are principles. Aesthetics are usually developed depending on the exposure one receives, knowledge, broad thinking, vision, and personal taste of course but during my travel, I always notice how aesthetics come naturally to the grassroots. This month’s issue will be all about how our visuals support our quality of content, how pictures speak louder than words and the key to a balanced blog of story-telling. 

When a brand trusts our blog to narrate their brand philosophy, a shiver goes down my spine with the excitement of a new challenge. Building a creative connection with someone else who is as passionate as you are can be be tricky, but if done correctly miracles are expected as a result. The secret here is to keep it simple, not lose your identity and at the same time make room for your imagination to run wild and free holding the other brand’s hand. 

With the power vested in me by the pen and paper, I will be curating some powerful stories around lifestyle brands that are truly making a difference in the market and the society. Its time we move on from the #OOTDs and the #POTDs to a game changing social media campaign. It’s time we step out from the rat race of number of likes and create a separate path for you to stop, look, read and think.

Till then, keep it simple and striking.

Lots Of Meow,

Astha Modi