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May 1, 2017 , By BlabberCat

BlabberCat May Edition 2017


Too Hot to Handle!

By now most of us must have started noticing the discernible climate changes in our lifestyle. The first was when our showers became more repetitive and our protein intake started resulting in heat acne or our skinny jeans turned us anti-social. These inevitable differences will accompany the Indian summer especially people like us living in the most sweltering cities. So what are the changes that we will have to get used to and make the most of it? How will we achieve triumph in our fashion game since we don’t have cute scarves and structured jackets to add volume and variety?

The May issue of BlabberCat will speak volumes on workarounds. On a personal front when I receive queries about my outfits, I laugh in my head because they look at me so seriously as if I must have spent my entire month’s salary on that shirt dress and mules. Towards the end of last month, we clarified the different roles of media and this time we’ll be putting more light on the gilded world of fashion. We will introduce a big new boutique in Kolkata that will be changing the fashion scenario here to a large extent. We have new kittens on our team who will be contributing younger vibes as I am deeply phobic of elitism. You may consider this equivocal but as we said in our last issue we are all about aesthetics and not MRP.

Our travel continues to takes us around India this month, first to a desert and then to a hill station to cold compress our brain before we ready ourselves for a long summer ahead. It’s just getting hotter. And I’m not even talking about the weather anymore.

Lots Of Meow,

Astha Modi