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September 13, 2015 , By BlabberCat

BlabberCat starts Restaurant Week with Yauatcha

BlabberCat starts Restaurant Week with Yauatcha

Restaurant Week India – In Kolkata for the first time in September 2015


The subtle and slick dark blue glass and monochrome interiors instantly release an adrenaline rush of a Michelin starred restaurant. A major part of it boasts a plush cocktail bar with a buzzing atmosphere and unbridled energy in which people wait for their table whilst browsing the grandiose cocktail menu. In Kolkata, the prices are considered steep and remain a dream for many. For those food dreamers, this Restaurant Week will serve you the selected best only for Rs 900 per head.

A date with BlabberCat was set up at the minimal yet alluring dark decor with gestures to the ancient traditions of Asia and cut into the dark furniture are various oriental patterns and designs. The combination of the oriental décor and enticing atmosphere establishes Yauatcha as a step away from your usual dining experience.

RWI arranged for ‘the perfect lunch’ any food blogger could ask for. From a tactfully selected menu our conversation starter was the Raddish puff – PUFFS – Known in China as ‘So’, baked pastry puffs are often stuffed with a meaty filling such as barbecue pork or, in Yauatcha, intensely sweet and sticky venison. The Chinese flaky pastry is similar to that used in French croissants and puff pastry, and the puffs are often sprinkled with sesame seeds and glazed. (http://www.yauatcha.com/life/dim-sum/guide-to-dim-sum/).

The tantalizing steam from the vegetable crystal dumpling was the most ordered veg dish followed the vegetable fried rice with taro and spring onion along with four style vegetable, and what can be better to team it all with than their signature chilli oil. But our favourite was the Kung Pao Chcken, slightly on the sweet and salty side. We decided to opt for the full Dim Sum experience filling the table, with small dishes and sides to share. Most people think of Yauatcha primarily for serving Dim Sum, however there are actually lots of other dishes available, such as a tofu, mushroom and rice pots, For simple accompaniments, you may opt for the Aspargus Rolls, or buns and drizzle it with the chilli garlic sauce for more variety. The special menu is straightforward and unintimidating and has become a popular meeting point for the modish foodies of Kolkata.`

All the details you need to know for the Restaurant Week:



Restaurant Week originated in New York in 1992 and is now being held in various cities in USA, Europe, South America and South East Asia. The purpose of this event is to get restaurants to reach out to a wider audience offering a three course set menu (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) at a set price per person for a period of one week for lunch and dinner. (This is fraction of the cost of a regular meal offered at the same restaurant).

The Restaurant Week India concept was launched in India Desi Restaurant Week Events Pvt. Ltd. Restaurant Week India initiated in 2010, is now the largest and the most popular pan India culinary event, where customers have the choice to dine in some of India’s finest restaurants at a fraction of its a la carte rates. It is a “celebration of the culinary scene in each city” – a time for us to be proud of our finest restaurants. Since its inception in India starting with Mumbai it has been introduced in cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and now in Kolkata for the very first time, to be held in September 2015.



Restaurant Week provides participating restaurants a platform to showcase their culinary offering with some of their best menu selections. For consumers it is a chance to experience restaurants they may not be familiar with or may want to re-visit in a more cost effect format with the three course set menu option available (vegetarian or non-vegetarian). Both five star restaurants and standalone fine dining restaurants participate in Restaurant Week India.


Restaurant Week India, Kolkata

Restaurant Week India will be held in Kolkata in September 2015. General reservations for Restaurant Week India (Kolkata) will commence online exclusively on (www.restaurantweekindia.com).Online Booking starts from 6th September and the “Restaurant Week India” will go live from 11th September to 20th September at the chosen 10 restaurants. These are :


Baan Thai, The Oberoi Grand, Kolkata

Durbari, SwissotelKolkata

La Cucina, Hyatt Regency Kolkata

Pan Asian, ITC Sonar

Peshawri, ITC Sonar

Serafina, Quest Mall

Souk, Taj Bengal, Kolkata

The Legacy Grill, The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata

Yauatcha, Quest Mall

Zen,The Park Kolkata


The menus will be posted on the Restaurant Week website(www.restaurantweekindia.com). where customers can browse through the menus before booking their restaurant of choice for either lunch or dinner. The 1st edition of the Restaurant Week in Kolkata, gives food lovers the opportunity of experiencing a three course set meal in a fine dining restaurant, with an option of vegetarian or non-vegetarian meal preference at a set price [INR 900 plus taxes] per person for one week for lunch and dinner. Bookings for this have to be made online at www.restaurantweekindia.com).

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