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March 3, 2018 , By Astha Modi

Subtle Sunshine


It was at a Holi party organised by a friend when I witnessed the most heart-warming act by a child.  He was about two-three and he kept a bucket of water-filled balloons next to him. He would aim at his target and throw the balloon and laugh when it used to burst on the already coloured individual. He was the only kid around so I though Ill play with him. I took the tiniest water balloon and flung it at him to get his attention. He turned toward me giggling and ran grabbing colours on his way. And gently smeared it on my hands. Then another male friend of mine came from the back and aimed his water gun at him. The kid aimed high at his shoulder and flung two balloons one after the other. One bounced and fell on the grass. I picked it up and threw it at the child but even then he didn’t throw a single balloon at me. Throughout the party I noticed, he only threw balloons at the boys and splashed dry colours on the women. When another little girl came with her parents, she was clean and so pretty. He went up to her and asked her ‘May I put colours on you? Which is your favourite colour?’. I made sure to identify his mother and compliment the upbringing she's gifting her son. Let’s give birth to the nicest generation!


Our March Issue is not about any complain or voicing what’s unfair and wrong. It’s sunny and bright and so is our attitude. And as we always say, what we wear reflects our mood not what’s trending. Subtle sunshine it is!


Lots of Meow

Astha Modi


Lots Of Meow,

Astha Modi