Editor's Meow

May 4, 2018 , By Astha Modi





We are going on the street. Not to protest or light candles and hold banners for the PM to notice. We are walking down the road just the way we are. Comfortable in our own skin, personality, body type, choice of dressing and the style of walking. Because every path I cross, every corner I turn, every street I walk on - becomes my own RUNWAY. 


On one hand its getting unbearably hot and on the other there are unexpected rain showers and thunderstorms. It is not just a month of labour rest but also a month of MAYhem. Watch us roam about the street unveiling new places, announcing new brands and curating new stories in any climate, any situation and all with great hair and shoes.


Burn with BlabberCat, we aint listening to excuses this month.


Lots Of Meow,

Astha Modi