Editor's Meow

November 4, 2017 , By Astha Modi





It just struck that the year is almost ending and we feel nothing has changed but if you look back, a lot has! A lot of new places to eat and a lot of old places now shut makes us analyse what works and what doesn’t, the same place in two cities have such a different fate. The three big malls of the city are going under a massive changing phase with ‘coming soon’ banners every where. By the next month we’ll get more outdoor options to sit with a glass of wine. We saw international designers such as Tarun Tahitian and Varun Bahl spreading their love here. More multi-designers store on the rise with Bodh last month and Advitiya next. Design was spoken about extensively By Opus for design students to explore the vast field and not just restricting to fashion and interior. 


Our anthem for this month is #NoShameNovember because we are dropping a lot of guards and taking up new challenges sticking to our genuine perspective. We are re-telling the story of the esteemed brand Coloroso with valour and unpredictability. And looking for new trends for men to stop the beard from growing further.

Lots Of Meow,

Astha Modi