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A weekend away to the Four Seasons Vineyard

A weekend away to the Four Seasons Vineyard

A weekend away at the Four Seasons vineyard for a wine sensory evaluation was more than just tasting wine. The hour-and-a-half long drive to Baramati from Pune Airport kept getting calmer and the sounds of nature was closer than ever. A grand humming fountain welcomed us amidst acres of greenery and vineyards and at times we forgot the wine to soak in the flowers, sweet sounds and a mild berry and green smell. Whether you’re in the mood for a tasting or just want to unwind and take in a gorgeous view, Four Season’s vineyard should definitely be on your bucket list for your next getaway.


BlabberCat’s quick guide to the wine tasting session:

Sauvignon Blanc, 2016 

Process – Stainless steel tank fermented at low temperatures, slow fermented at low temperatures to retain the varietal characters from the grapes. Dry with zesty acidity with herbaceous aromas.

Varietal aromas – Cut grass, bell pepper, gooseberry with herbal and passion fruit notes.

We recommend to pair it with salad and cheese. And in the indian cuisine the best combination is Palak paneer.


Viognier, 2016

Process – Fermented to new French oak barrels and blended with French wine which complements the varietal floral of viogner, with nutty and mushroom aromas. Dry style.

Varietal aromas – Apricot, peach and floral – white blossoms and nutty aromas.

This one is suggested to be consumed within a year as the freshness is the USB. The grape of this wine originates from Condrieu, Southern France. The colour is darker than the previous one and it best goes with lobster, prawn or grilled pomfret.


Blush’, 2016

Process – Off dry style. rose, tank fermented wine, made from cold macerated Zen Shiraz grapes. Fermentation controlled to retain natural sweetness. Young and refreshing.

varietal aromas – Strawberries, roses and sweet spices.

Dry in the wine dictionary means no sugar. In this case it has sugar residue.


Shiraz, 2015

Process – Made from fully ripe Shiraz grapes, tank fermented under controlled temperatures, rich body with smooth tannins, pleasing finish dry style.

Varietal aromas – Spicy on nose; pepper, black cherry, smoky with hints of vanilla.

Indian cuisine has a lot of pepper and that’s why they go well together.


Barrique Reserve Cabernet, 2011

Process – Made from selected fully ripe Cabernet grapes, matured in new French Oak barrels for one year, full bodied and bold.

Varietal aromas – Concentrated black currents, herbaceous notes with vanilla desiccated coconut and chocolate.

They linger in your palate much longer and the fines of this wine is so good that it has to be paired with rich food such as roast beef and mutton.

It is recommended that red wine should be served at 18 degrees and white be served at 10. Once the bottle is opened, the red can be consumed within a week and the white within two days.

Four Seasons Wines Ltd unveiled the 2011 signature wine Vintner’s Reserve Select Barrels,  at its French styled palatial chateau picturesque Sahyadri Valley today. The vintner has made a meticulous selection of the best barrels from the vintage after tasting, and aged them separately, resulting this exclusive wine that can grace any celebration with style and poise. This kind of selective raging has given deep intensity, depth, clarity and variety to the wine.  With only 1200 bottles of this exquisite wine being crafted for each city and can be given a further raging of seven-eight years to enhance the rich notes of the wine.

Hosted the Chief Winemaker Abhay Kewadkar, our stay was welcomed with contagious warmth and were given an exclusive experience of the process of winemaking, life at the vineyard; the highlight being the grand brunch of food pairing and a lot of bonding with likeminded people.  Chef Sachin Joshi from Taj Exotica, Pune, put together a lavish menu with extensive options for vegetarians, fish and meat lovers. In fact, the entire set up of the brunch looked straight out of a Hollywood film with barrels used to display wine bottles, a photo corner with mock grass on the wall and pink and white themed flower arrangement. Our personalised name plates were kept on pre-decided seats with everyone receiving a different menus to choose from and everything upped fantastic Pune weather.

The work-vacation was full of surprises as we were handed a planned itinerary on our arrival along with a glass of sparkling Rose. Relatively new, this property was acquired in 2007, the harvest began in 2009 and finally kickstarted in 2011. The reason to choose Baramati was the availability of land and water. The soil is very suitable as it has gravel. When the soil is not fertile, the roots go deeper min search of nutrients which makes wine even better. We listen to Abhay’s winemaking stories as our wanderlust lured us to trek around the vineyard early morning and we even spotted deers at a distance. Our trek exceeding just a little more than an hour had got us all so famished that a Maharashtrian breakfast of Missile pav was a treat we cherished with heart-felt gratitude. Well the breakfast buffet displayed a bakery selection of donuts, croissants, breads, and various other nibbles but with a group of foodies from all over the country indulged in the local cuisine.  Our evening ended with swimming and warm Jacuzzi, and some wine which was not to be tasted and spill in the miniature bins.  A BBQ dinner especially arranged under the stars the patio emphasised on wine pairing with Indian cuisine and as we laughed into moonlit dark green surroundings, we couldn’t decide weather it was too much wine or just a stellar time.

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