November 24, 2016 , By Rasshi Saraogi

Decoding the medical world

Decoding the medical world

BlabberCat: “A medical event article on a lifestyle blog! Good idea?”

Rasshi: “Why not? Why wouldn’t people want to know about or hear more from those whom we entrust our lives with?”

BlabberCat’s health guest blogger Rasshi Saraogi, of Healync Solution LLP, reports from IFHNOS (International Federation of Head and Neck Oncologic Societies) organised Dr. Alok Thakkar Professor, Head and Neck Oncolgy, from AIIMS, New Delhi from the 12th – 15th of October. It is a world tour the medical fraternity of oral cancer founded the international leader Dr. Jatin P. Shah, Chair of Head and Neck Cancer, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, USA. We had our honorable Union Health Minister Shri Jagat Prakash Nadda inaugurate the conglomeration in New Delhi. He announced the grand plan of the government to battle cancer through various specialised hospital projects and national cancer organizations in metropolitan cities. It was no small feat to have such accomplished names in our country under one roof.

A wide variety of topics were discussed and here are some snippets:

  • Have you ever been in a situation where you questioned whether a surgery is necessary?
  • Did you know that oral cancer is not genetic but acquired due to lifestyle and that people who refuse to change their lethal habits suffer from a defeatist attitude?
  • Is there is a magical drug that can cure cancer?

Dr. Jatin P. Shah (in the pic above) avoids all the shutterbugs waiting for a photo-op to answer these general queries for the benefit of all. (Read More on interview with Dr Jatin Shah )

  • Every third person is detected with thyroid cancer today but did you know most of them are not considered for treatment because these are harmless? Surprising right!

Dr. Ashok R Shaha, Jatin P. Shah Chair in Head and Neck Surgery and Oncology, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center enlightens us on when to really undergo treatment and when to be only under observation.

  • Did we know there are actually technologies and nutritional modalities through which these treatments can be less punishing!

(In the pic clockwise: Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi, Dr Carol Bradford, Dr Kepal Patel and Dr Deepak Sarin)

Dr. Nancy Lee, Vice Chair, Radiation Oncologist, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center;Dr. Carol Bradford, Chair of Head and Neck Cancer, University of Michigan, and Dr. Kepal Patel Professor, Head and Neck Surgery NYU Langone Medical Center shed light through their interviews and lecture on the future and advancement of treatments and diagnostics of oral cancer. Read More

Find out from President of Brazilian Society of Head and Neck Surgery Dr. Claudio Cernea, the similarities in issues faced patients in developing nations and how management companies like ours can improve the situation.

  • Indians and people from different developing nations increasingly are traveling to foreign shores for ‘better treatment.’

Dr. Jatin Shah and Dr. Vijay V Haribhakti Head of Oncology at Sir H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Center, Mumbai discuss if indeed treatments are better internationally or is just a futile expenditure of wealth and also when is it recommended to travel for medical treatments.  Read More

  • All the hardworking medical students, researchers, and doctors who want to see improvement in the research and development in medicine.

Dr. Anil K D’Cruz’s Director of Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai gives us brilliant insights on the way forward to research in India. Read More

Want to allay fears and insecurities about treatments, want to bust myths related to health, and want to communicate better with your physician, join the Healync Solution LLP family and get all your health problems addressed.

For any questions or concerns please write to us at info@healync.com.

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