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Hampi – The city of boulders

Hampi – The city of boulders

Now that’s what the sets of Mohenjo Daro should have looked like. Hampi – A fabled lost city from the 15th century, replete with an unforgettable landscape, rambling ruins and verdant banana plantations completed with palm trees. An ancient village that was once the pride of Vijaynagar Dynasty.

Usually every place reminds you of another that you’ve visited before. But Hampi was different in every way. It wasn’t a religious city because the temples were more of heritage sites, the crowd and vibe was similar to Goa, except the fact that only two variety of beer was available. So it came quite as a shock to me when I kept thinking of Cappadocia – a cave city in Istanbul.

We stayed at: Hampi Boulders

A riverside retreat that’s located on the banks of the bountiful Tungabhadra River; in Narayanpet, about 7kms from Hampi town. Heaps of giant boulders perch precariously over miles of undulating cottages that go in sync with the regions rock famous formations to castle-esque suites. From the outside the cottage looked straight out of our History textbooks but from the inside, the rooms were luxuriously spacious, refrigerators stocked up, spotless clean towels and sheets oh and 2-3 massive balconies all to yourself.

We visited:

Virupaksha Temple with its pillared halls and giant entrance towers; this holy site is the oldest temple in Hampi. After that a quick look at the Hampi Bazaar followed the Vithala Temple to view India’s iconic stone chariot and musical pillars.

Reimagining the lost times within the ruins of royal splendour, I got some serious life goals. It was a serene and yet mind-blowing experience walking amidst the Queen’s Bath and the Zenana Enclosure—renowned for its spectacular architecture at both the Lotus Mahal and Elephant Stables. Marvel at the Hazara Rama Temple; the private temple of the royal family where walled frescos narrate tales of Ramayana. We ended our town tour at the Mahanavami Dibba from where the kings watched processions and the geometric stepped tank. For a sportif adventure cross the Tungabhadra River in a circular coracle and visit the tiny hamlet of Anegundi.

Our days usually started with visiting these sites in the morning and then spending the rest of the day at cafes. Truly known for it’s name ‘Hippie island’; we spotted a Goan corner, Rasta Cafe, Mango Tree, Laughing Buddha, The Gopi island among many more. The food experience never disappointed even once. Hampi is basically safe for solo female travellers also but it’s easy to get lost after dark and always carry a mosquito repellent with you.a

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