November 5, 2016 , By Rasshi Saraogi

Healync Management

Healync Management

Calcutta girl, Rasshi Saraogi, founded a groundbreaking medical and health start up ‘Healync Management’ (pronounced Heal-Link). A digital organiser that functions as a consulting platform for all healthcare related needs and a connecting point between you and the world’s most renowned hospitals and powerful doctors. ‘Healync’ is what everyone is opting for who need help in organising their medical records as it deals with saving and collecting all the vital healthcare data lost in handwritten charts and underdeveloped electronic medical record systems.

As BlabberCat sat sipping a strong cup of coffee trying to digest all the information, it all started getting so interesting that we just stared wide-eyed at the young medical entrepreneur who seems unaffected the qualms of the industry. Fire and smile all at the same time.

So are you a doctor?

(Laughs) Thats the most common question people ask me. Well to clarify once and for all, no I’m not a doctor. I did my undergrad in a small private college in Maryland, USA majoring in Pre-Med and Biochemistry to be a competitive prospective at Johns Hopkins Medical School. So I do have knowledge about how to deal with various health issues but I cannot give consultation. I will provide what’s required for the procedure to get the best advice.

Tell us something more about how ‘Healync’ came about?

I was helping my relative and friend with their cancer treatment in 2013. They were afflicted with rare and terminal illnesses and usually found themselves confused and bewildered when it came to taking important medical and life related decisions. I managed their cases from every little need, be it making summaries and consulting experts from world over, helping them through treatments. Being from this background I was passionate about learning and serving the needy. Soon others started contacting me for help and that’s how this personalised service began.

Why is it important to have a platform like Healync?

It bridges the gap of data transfer. We will allow everyone to store their medical data and connect with doctors and hospitals just a click. We are working with different hospitals such that they accept data through our server and also send the medical records of patients to this portal so that the patient can have everything under one roof.

What is another common question that you are asked?

Lots actually, but for now please note that we give the patients various options for getting opinion. On our part we recommend the best suited to their case and budget. We don’t have any incentive from any particular medicine company or hospital. Our purpose is only to simplify and provide the best for you in the congested world of medicine.

What sets Healync apart from other health start-ups? 

Medical jargon can become very overwhelming and this is where we come in. We explain every step which enables trust building between the patient and the physician. Simply storing data is not our idea of intelligently handling your file. We are working with research teams to build an artificial health intelligence system that will give insight into your data. It will analyse the trend for your physical self. This is unique project for which we are using health care professionals, top notch physicians and the best team of statisticians and IT professionals.

How is Healync reaching out to the people?


We are making an interactive community on Facebook where everyone is invited and people can read about health news and ask questions, and also request topics to be covered. To help our Facebook users, we have created two exclusive animated features BRYNC (Brain of Healync) and Bart the Heart.

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