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How Social Media has become a weapon for egoistic lunatics

How Social Media has become a weapon for egoistic lunatics

Voicing your problem and seeking justice is different from proving to the world 'who you are and what you can do'. It’s no news that there are too many haters out there who have just had a bad day at office and ends up ranting out at someone’s post. Or someone who has been dumped reflects their state of mind through their harsh comment on someone’s picture shaming them for a reason they are secretly ashamed of. Raising your voice against something unethical and gathering the right support was the original idea and purpose of social media justice. But when did it become a weapon of ego? 


Social media trolls are formed due to lack of emotional connection, absence of face-to-face confrontation or any physical communication, indirect built up frustration and most commonly attention seeking behaviour. In order to receive attention, one often retorts to controversial statements or just opposing what everyone else is supporting without knowing why, stooping to non-sensical sentences just to have the last word. But why do they do all this? For attention and if you don’t give them that they won’t exist. In many cases when legally justice was not given, the common man accessing Facebook and Twitter joined forces and made it so viral that ultimatley justice previaled. A lot of scandals have been exposed thanks to social media where women felt comfortable voicing their opinion after receiving no help from officials. But suddenly, there have been way too many cases where we are angered by reading someone's post pledging for justice and we quickly jump in to be the hero. But what if the girl is lying or exaggerating? 


This also throws light on ‘reviews’. What influences our reviews on restaurant pages should be based on our experience and not because we were denied a table due to non-availability. In India. the fortunate expect to be given superior treatment. Everybody throws their father’s name with a tone that suggests they rule the world economy. What are they hoping for, a free meal or dessert on the house? If we have been subjected to any kind of differentiation then we have the full right to give a bad review and even if we found the service or food to be inferior. Food bloggers take advantage of this and new eateries often get scared overestimating thier power of pen. 

So as responsible citizens and not wanting to come across as a hater, here are few thumb rules to keep in mind:

1. Since media is our new courtroom, try your best to settle your issue outside the court.

2. if justice doesn't prevail write to them personally about your POA before lashing out on social media.

3. If you are truly wronged, gather a few supporters before lashing out so you don't end up making a fool out of yourself. 

4. Refrain from abusive words and personal attacks. 

5. During an e-argument, stick to the point and do not deviate into unrelated matters. 

6. Human errors are allowed, so look past mistakes made by publication houses and miscommunication should be judged carefully. A repetitive error is something to point out. 

7. When you read a complain online, investigate before supporting. If you are unsure of the facts, stay out of it.

8. Your opinion on other people's lives do not matter, so slut shaming, body shaming or any judgement will reflect your character and not the other person's.

9. If you find an article or any post by a well-known brand or news poral nonsensical, don't bother commenting and giving it more circulation. Ignore it unless you come across an irresponsible mistake by anyone. 

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