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How to order for your dinner?

How to order for your dinner?

Me: Mom, what’s for dinner?

Mom: You say what do you want?

Me: Biryani?

Mom: Not possible tonight. 

Me: Pizza

Mom: Too unhealthy

Me: Tomato soup and salad

Mom: There are no tomatoes at home. How about Dosa?

Me: But I had that for breakfast.

And it goes on and on everyday. Good food with good flavour. You think that is all you need?  But what about that perfect combination that makes it a good meal? Do you know, most of the times when we’re ordering dinner, we just think of two random vegetables and order and when it’s made we wish we had ordered something else. This is because either the combinations aren’t right or the flavours aren’t complimenting each other. Which one would you rather pick? daal makhni with kadhai paneer or daal makhani with gajar matar.

1. Not so mainstream 

You know, of all the combinations dals are the most difficult ones to pair anything with. And after a lot of misfits, I have the perfect combination for you guys.

Dal and bhindi pyaaz. 

Yes I know you have aaloo to go with it. But always? Thought so. Now more importantly which daal?

Chane ki daal and bhindi is what you have been looking for.

Tip: do not cut your bhindi horizontally. Go for long bhindi, slice it up through the middle. 

2. Aaloo all the way 

Want it or not, aaloo is our staple vegetable. We need a daily dose of this to go through our day. And that calls for keeping things interesting. Where on one hand anything and everything goes with aaloo what we are looking for is the perfect combination. And I am here to give you exactly that.

Aaloo with dry matar paneer. You don’t know or realize it, but nothing beats this combination.

Tip: spice up the dry matar paneer with black pepper instead of red chilli. 

3. Subtly spicy 

While a paneer butter masala is fulfilling in itself, it is incomplete at the same time. And what a good paneer butter masala needs is some dry kabuli chana to make it the perfect combination at the table.

Tip: Add onions to your chana to enhance the flavor. Also onions are known to keep the stomach cool. 

4. Bhaat at heart 

Enough about all the chapatti combinations, we here in Calcutta are hard core daal bhat party. But no one likes monotony.

Lets break the monotony of daal bhat with some lip-smacking combinations, starting with, Rajma. But just as every Cinderella needs her prince charming, every rajma needs a good combination. And trust me when I say this, it was a difficult one to find.

But as they say, you find the most difficult of solutions in the least expected places. Its aaloo with a semi dry tomato paste.

With this one combination of yours you can never go wrong.

Tip: Cook rajma with garlic. Along with enhancing the flavor it is also good for your health in the long run. 

5. Out of  the box 

One of my personal favourites is mixed daal ( arahar, chilka, kaali daal and chale ki daal), peas pulao with aaloo baingan. I know it all sounds out of place. But that is exactly why it makes up to be such a good combination. And believe it or not , I chanced upon this combination because  the leftovers made up to this.

Tip: make the aloo baingan a semi-dry dush and the daal a little on the thicker side. 

Serve it along with marinated ginger slices. 

6. A happy meal

Who doesn’t love a good run with Rajasthani food. Hardcore Rajasthani food. And while I was on my run to experiment with different combinations, I was graced with this.

Chilka daal and dry gatta wih duma aloo and churma. And just to make it a happy meal some jeera rice with roasted papad, you know for health benefits. And voila! Just enough to fulfill your heart and want it back every fortnight.

Tip: Make the dry gatta into small but cylindrical shapes. Rice combination can be altered as per your wish. 

7Kadi and your imagination 

Kadi, a dish universally loved and made. Though very handy to make, it can make or break a meal if not paired right. And that is exactly why I have the perfect combination for you. Kadi with aaloo. Now now, I wouldn’t want it to be boring now, would I? Just aloo will not suffice, hence: aloo matar, aaloo tamatar, also aloo parwal works wonders. You know you can experiment with aloo as long as it does not include arbi, that is off the table.Tip: always keep aloo semi dry instead of completely dry.

Tip: always keep aloo semi dry instead of completely dry.

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