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In conversation with celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija

In conversation with celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija

Its just the beginning of a new year and what is the most common resolution around the world? It is, as everyone would agree, to eat healthy and work out. So when Healync Solution LLP invited celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija to Kolkata, it was a full house and a majority of those who already subscribe to Pooja’s diet plan. Since health and fitness tips is far the most debatable topic supported the media, there are few thumb rules every fitness and health expert emphasise on. Here are some excerpts from our conversation with the celebrated dietician, author and speaker Pooja Makhija.


Golden rules that must be incorporated as lifestyle habits instantly

- Eat within an hour of waking up

- Eating regularly and on time controls metabolism.

- Avoid sweet and fried food items

- Some form of exercise every day is vital

A sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables must be consumed for anti-oxidants, vitamins etc. “Fruits actually takes up energy in digestion so not only does it give all the antioxidants but it also helps in burning calories,” added Pooja.


Memories captured from the events in Kolkata

According to Pooja Makhija

Avoid confusing your body. Weight loss program should be separated from weight training as the body fat should be burnt before muscle strengthening. And the diet regime is different for both. But protein intake should always be included and vegetarians should really try to include egg whites. At the same time strengthening our bodies should be our priority over losing weight.

Exercise is not necessarily specific to the gym. Home makers can do spot jogging while watching their favourite television sitcom or take the flight of stairs; repeat if that’s your only work out for the day. With somany options these days, enjoy your work out.

No-one is Lactose allergic as such, our cows are hormonally fed which leads to skin issues and nausea. But our first class protein is pulses and sprouts.

Low carb diet is not recommend for the only reason that it doesn’t work in the long run. It has never been a success. Carbs give you the energy to walk and talk and one should not do away with it. Even for diabetic patients small amount of carb can be given.

There is nothing like sweet cravings because anyway whatever we eat is converted into sugar inside our system so additional sweets aren’t required.

Fun fact

When asked about her celebrity clients: “They are all humans and everyone has cheat days. They need to work a lot harder because of continuous travel and odd working hours. So a lot of pre-planning goes in ensuring they eat right and frequently. And Ranbir hates having his vegetable juice but now wherever he is at any part of the world he never forgets to have it.”

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