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Organic talk with Jyoti Mundra – ‘On a Healthy Note’

Organic talk with Jyoti Mundra – ‘On a Healthy Note’

We came across Jyoti’s products before we met her, and after trying it when we asked our near and dear ones to try it too we saw some ecstatic faces around us. Her organic comb made our hair thicker, we felt our blood circulation active, we used the handmade soaps and felt an instant glow on our dry and flaky skin. But that was not it. Jyoti could write a book on this new organic movement. Lets hear it from Jyoti.


1. How important is it to eat local produce?

It’s important to eat locally grown fruits and veggies as that will ensure that fresh stuff reaches you. Moreover, it also means that they will be harvested closest to their ripening allowing for a denser nutrition. When you eat the not-so-local produce, a big disadvantage is that most of it is harvested much before they are allowed to ripe.

2. What’s your opinion about the international farm to table (locavore) trend of eating?

This trend is a step in the right direction and a culmination of the awareness that is growing all over the world in the last few years. We in India are blessed to have a somewhat farm to table trend already but we are losing that out to the supermarkets and the hypermarkets. It makes sense and pays in the long run to buy your food from the farmers markets.

3. How is the Calcutta market responding to the commercial organic/locavore initiatives?

Calcutta is divided into 2 sections when it comes to organic – there are a small but growing section of people who swear all things organic and natural and do their best to incorporate that in their daily lives. And there is another part that is absolutely not bothered abt what they are putting in and on their bodies. This needs to change and they need to be made aware of the benefits of going natural and organic.

4. A bit about what you do or specialise in.

www.OnAHealthyNote.com is a website that sells and specializes in organic, natural chemical free products from all over India and abroad. We ship organic and natural food products, natural skin care, supplements, organic baproducts and sustainable lifestyle products all over India. We are a one-stop shop for all things natural and healthy and help people build their lifestyle around it in a way that’s doable.
We form MoUs with all our suppliers to ensure they declare all the ingredients of their products to us. Only after a thorough due diligence, we start dealing with a particular brand.

5. Is it costlier than what you get in the general market/supermarket?

Mostly Yes but it’s so absolutely worth it coz you start seeing results with time and saves you a lot in future.

6. What are the challenges you face as an entrepreneur in this field?

Lackadaisical attitude about health, inability to ask the right questions about what you are eating or lathering on your body, lack of knowledgeable experts sharing the right info and lack of consistency. Even though I am passionate about this and can go on talking about this, it seems like some people just don’t want to hear the benefits or rather believe them. It feels bad when people do exactly the opposite of what they should do to bring good health. So many times, I end up giving suggestions on their entire lifestyle and how to make it better and healthier with tips they could use right away. But a lot of people are not consistent with this thing. Remember, this is not a fad, its here to stay and its about your body and wellbeing.

7. What made you start this?

Passion and my personal experiences with so many products – my personal journey so far. Used organic, cold pressed coconut oil for my lip inflammation and it has healed for good whereas all this while went to so many docs and none of the medicines worked!

8. What are your plans for future?

We want to market it in a bigger way in Calcutta and the rest of India so that more and more people wake up to the benefits and can actually change their health and lives getting closer to nature.

9. Anything else, you would like to add that will help the readers know more about you.

We pride ourselves on our personal relationships with our customers. We provide free consultancy to our customers and encourage them to be aware of the realities around them and ask more and more questions. People can contact us at +91 98304 76761.

10. Some items on the website that we are proud of –

1. Paraben Free Water based deodorant (absolute must for all girls!)

2. Ion Energy Bands

3. Organic, Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (With the mother intact)

4. Spirulina Powder

5. Moringa Powder (esp good for lactating women)

6. Neem Wood Comb

7. Roasted Snacks

8. Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Alfalfa Seeds

9. Skin Massage Gels

10. Skin Lightening Oil for pigmentation

11. Organic BaLotion

12. Organic, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

13. Cloth Diapers for babies

One important thing to remember – We are bombarded chemicals from all around us. Its not just important, its critical to de-chemicalise our lives and use products without the harmful chemicals like parabens and sulfates. Our systems are full of this toxic junk and our bodies do not know what to do with it. More and more studies have shown that rise in modern diseases and even something as basic as fatigue is directly in proportion with rise in chemicals in the eco system. Not a mere coincidence. #signingoff #onahealthynote

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