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July 10, 2015 , By BlabberCat

What Calcutta Lacks, NOT!

What Calcutta Lacks, NOT!

Are you a whiner? Have you recently noticed people around you not paying attention to your constant complains anymore? It happens, don’t worry, whining is a start to a great thought. All you have to do is when you want something go and get it instead of waiting for someone to come and beg you, spoon feed you and hold your hand leading you to what you really want to do. BlabberCat has been receiving a lot of queries about certain opportunity this city lakhs. But actually, it doesn’t. Here are some most common silent miracles this city is looking for.

1. Fashion stylist

Need a wardrobe overhaul? She will independently curate your closet and define/refine the your image. Chikky is your fairy God mother.



Contact number: 9836064415

Email id- officialchikkygoenka@gmail.com

2. Image consultant

A role which started in the 1970′s because at that time ‘how to dress’ was only taught in modeling schools. Educating individuals on what looks good on them, why, and how to project a desired image is just one of the many consultancy service the image consultant will provide. To be a certified image consultant one has to attend and complete training in color and shape analysis. Which means they understand the science behind what looks good on people and why.


Upasna Lalvani – Primarily an image designer and a fashion designer

Contact at: 9831183307


Manisha Srivastava – Contact number-9830029196. Office address – 31 Shakespeare Sarani, Suite 303, jasmine towers, Kolkata 19


3. Jobs, internship and training

This is a major concern Today neither the students know where to look for internship nor do the companies know where to find interns. BlabberCat is here to fill the communication gap, because we understand how important it is to learn and the type of learning that a start-up company will provide cannot be compared. You will be surprised the number of companies, website firms, design houses and so many other companies looking for interns. We need to understand we cannot be the editor of vogue magazine directly or work for our dream company in our first go. We need to start somewhere to go there and we will try out best for you and provide a stepping-stone


Email id- astha.writer@gmail.com

4. Healthy eateries

In today’s world all of us body and health conscious, but what holds us back is going to restaurants and eating unhealthy. What if we could go out chill and at healthy at the same time?
And guess what we can. Here are a few restaurants that serve healthy meals


CAFE PRANAH – 22, Ashutosh Chowdhury Avenue, Ballygunge Phari, Ballygunge, Kolkata 700019


THE BIKERS CAFÉ – First Floor, Platinum Mall, 31, Elgin Road, Elgin, Kolkata 700020


THE YELLOW STRAW – 6A, Kiran Shankar Roy Road, Dalhousie BBD Bagh, Kolkata


NUTRIMEND BY NUPUR SARAF – https://www.facebook.com/Nutrimend


5. Book clubs

Most of the readers in this city has once thought of starting a book club. For some it has been too casual and dissolved abut for some it has lead to a concrete system of meeting, reading and discussing. There are quite a few book clubs in Kolkata out of which one of them is CHAPTER CALCUTTA.

If you want help to form your own book club or if you want to find out about others open to public, please write to us at astha.writer@gmail.com.


Please note: This lists just one or two examples of the options/opportunities available. Please tell BlabberCat of what you think the city lacks or add to this list.

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